Advance Decisions

Choosing the type of medical treatment you receive

The level of care somebody receives when they are not in a position to make such decisions is an emotive subject.

Some people will want as much care as possible, others will want to limit their medical treatment. One thing is for certain, it is unfair to thrust these decisions on loved ones at a time of crisis

More and more people are choosing to draw up an Advance Decision (or Living Will) in which they indicate the level of care they would want (or not want) in the event of them being unable to communicate their wishes to medical staff.

An Advance Decision is a relatively straight forward document which, once made, can be kept with medical notes to assist medical staff and loved ones to make decisions about the level of medical care administered.

Like any legal document, an Advance Decision can be cancelled or amended at any time.

It’s another insurance policy which hopefully you’ll never need – but if you do, it will be the best thing you have ever had.