Apr 25, 2011

Willpower launches 'Green Will'

Everyone needs to reduce their carbon emmissions these days. And the amount of travelling between clients and our offices during the Will making process is hardly conducive to good environmental principles. So Willpower have lauched a way for our clients to make and amend their Wills without them leaving their home, or our advisors leaving our offices. And its a cheaper way to make a Will!!


Willpower has launched a new way for its clients to make a Will, save the environment and save money.

Using a brand new video conferencing facility the firm's consultants can now to meet with their clients 'virtually' over the internet. Using a computer with internet access, a video camera, microphone and speakers, clients are able to connect to a virtual meeting room through a special link provided to them. NO SOFTWARE IS NEEDED to be installed on our client’s computer.

Willpower Managing Director Paul Sharpe said "I am really surprised how simple the system is and how easy it is to work. All you do is click on a link emailed to you by us, enter a username and password that we provide and 'hey presto', there you are sitting in front of a Willpower consultant, as if he were in your front room, or you were in our offices" 

Paul Sharpe went on to explain "As our business has grown, we have started to attract people who are interested in our services but live some way from our offices. But it's been impractical for us to travel to meet them or for them to travel to meet us. And this has been especially true for people who own property in Cyprus but live in the UK. If we haven't been able to meet with them while they are in Cyprus, it’s been really difficult."

We have also become increasingly conscious of the impact of our carbon footprint as we travel around the area visiting our clients - and our rocketing fuel bills have brought further focus on this issue.

We did look at internet based form filling software, but we were not convinced that this method was safe for our client - or safe for us. It's really only for people who want a really cheap, simple, pre-determined form of Will and have a good idea of what they need to include in their Will - and that isn't many people these days.

So video conferencing is the ideal solution. Many people have the equipment they need already installed on their laptop - or smartphone.

And even better, because we are not spending money travelling to our clients, we have introduced a cost saving which we can pass on to our clients. Anyone making a Will through our video conferencing facility will receive a 25% discount on our fees.

For more information, see our page on Green Wills.