Jul 6, 2010

Willpower celebrates 20 years providing first class, affordable service

It was back in July 1990 that Willpower started up, with the aim of offering a first class Will drafting service at affordable rates.

Over the past 20 years we have seen competitors come and go - many offering Wills at unsustainably low rates, others trying to cut corners either by posting documents to clients or giving advice over the phone or the internet. It doesn't work and Willpower now has over 13,000 clients who are all testament to the way that it does its business.

We find that the best way to ensure that an effective Will is drawn up is to meet with our clients - in their own home, including an evening or a weekend if need be. Often our clients end up with a Will that is different to the one that they thought they needed, having had the benefit of our tailored advice. And the we have the ultimate guarantee of satisfaction - nobody has to pay us a penny until they are happy with their documents. 

And in 20 years, nobody has ever declined to pay our fees!!