There are two parts to our service - the services and documents that we provide and the advice that goes with them.

For information on the documents services that we provide please click the links on the right of this page. We provide the advice below FREE OF CHARGE as part of the provision of these services and documents:


What happens if you don't make a Will.

Who to include in your Will; executors, trustees, guardians, beneficiaries and who not to include in your Will.

When to leave specific sums of money and when to leave a share of the estate

The best way to structure all the provisions that need to be included in your Will.

Whether the way that you own your wealth should be changed to make best use of provisions and opportunities made available by the Will making process.

Care Home Fee Planning and Mitigation

Whether you can include provisions in your Will which create a shelter to protect assets from being used to pay for care fees.

What other options may be available which create a shelter to protect assets from being used to pay for care fees.

More more information about Care Homes, please see our Care Homes Factsheet.

Lasting Powers of Attorney

Whether a document should be drafted to provide for the on-going management of financial or welfare affairs should you become unable to make those decisions.

Who should be appointed as attorneys.

Whether the document should include any restrictions or conditions.

When and how the document should be registered.

Advance Decisions (Living Wills)

Whether a document should be drafted which appoints someone to make decisions about your medical care if you become unable to communicate your wishes.

What level of care, and in what circumstances would you want

Who is the best person to appoint to be consulted regarding your medical care


How trusts work

Whether you and your heirs would benefit from your estate being transferred into a trust, either by you during your lifetime or by your Will on your death.

Inheritance Tax Planning and Mitigation

Whether your there is tax payable on your estate and if so, how much.

Whether any tax bill can be reduced or eliminated by including provisions in your Will.

What other options are available to mitigate the impact of Inheritance Tax

If you are married and have an existing Will which includes a 'Nil Rate Band Discretionary Trust', whether your estate would benefit from this provision being REMOVED from your Will.

Estate Administration and Probate

Who should be appointed as executors - and how many

What the executor(s) is/are required to do

The options available to the executors to employ professional help for some or pall of the job.

Family Succession Planning

How to protect inheritances from being redirected away from the intended beneficiaries, either consciously or accidentally, by a surviving spouse or partner - or their new spouse or partner!

How to protect and manage inheritances for young beneficiaries, beneficiaries who may be on benefits or bankrupt and beneficiaries with mental difficulties.

Business Succession Planning

Would a business survive the death or incapacity of the owner - and if so, how?

Whether any special provisions need to be made in a Will or Lasting Power of Attorney to ensure the prosperity of the business in the event of the unexpected loss of a key person.

How to maximise any taxation reliefs available to business owners

Document Storage

Wills and Lasting Powers of Attorney should be kept safely. There's no point in making them if they can't be found when they are needed, or they are destroyed by someone who would have something to gain by their destruction!

What the options are for keeping documents safely.

Cypriot Wills

Whether a separate UK Will and Cypriot Will will be beneficial - or not.

The options for appointing an executor to administer a Cypriot estate.


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